Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dragons are cool

Hello All,

Who knew that dragons are big at FedEx Kinkos? I went in to get some promo material printed up and ended up meeting some fantasy fans. I had the cover of my book and the original print with me. I needed some things printed up in various forms. The staff went wild over the art, which I love so much as well. Of course, I handed out promo cards and chatted with people. I love talking about fantasy and I met a guy who loves George R.R. Martin's books as much as I do. There were several people there who were just so nice to me.

So, I also had a print of the cover made (to hang on my wall of course) and when I went back to pick it up three of the staff came over and told me how much they loved it. A couple of them had even visited my website and one guy, Alan, had read the prologue of The Golden Cord. He loved it and quoted lines to me as he loved the language I used. That was very uplifting. He's excited about the book to come out and I'm probably going to get him an advanced reader copy. It was a great experience and charged me up to write.
Then I went to get the print framed at Michael's, and the staff there were so cool as well. We picked out a great frame (by great I mean $480 great--and that was after the $150 off sale they had going). Of course I picked out the most expensive frame imagineable. I guess I have good taste. Damn! Oh well, but it's going to look so good.
In the end I think it's fair to say that dragons are cool.
Paul Genesse
Author of The Golden Cord
Book One of the Iron Dragon Series
Five Star Books, April 2008

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Kelly Swails said...

Paul: great stories! You've got fans already. Sweet!