Sunday, September 9, 2007

Kitty and the City

This is Cassie, the main cat character in my story: Kitty and the City
Cassie is very cute and considers herself a fashionista.


It’s been a good week. I finished the first draft (5,100 words/26 pages) of my story for the Catopolis anthology coming out from DAW Books in a year or more. It’s edited by Janet Deaver-Pack, a great lady who I really love. Right now I’m calling my story, Kitty and the City. It’s like Sex and the City with cats. Fun times. I sent it off to my writer friend and Sex and the City fan, Kelly Swails to check out. She’ll give me her input then I’ll rewrite the story and get the final draft ready.

The other news is that the copyedited manuscript of The Golden Cord came this week, on Friday afternoon. I love what the copyeditor did and she caught a number of small mistakes in the manuscript. Bless her forever! I could tell that a few mistakes are from my editor when he accepted changes on the last draft. Sometimes when you accept a change a new error is created. Like with the last line, which was missing a very important word.

Anyway, I’ve been working on The Golden Cord and will send it back to the copyeditor later today. It’s so great to almost be done with that.

The other news is that Tam and I went to the local Greek Festival. It was amazing. The food was good and the authentic Greek dancing by a local troop was very entertaining.

The most fun of the weekend was going to the hamster races. Yep, HAMSTER RACES!
At the local Pet Co about twenty hamsters, three chinchillas, and a few gerbils got together for the annual event. They race in their hamster balls along a straight track, going four at a time. Single elimination, so it’s quite tense, especially for the little kids who toil all year training their hamsters for this event . . .

Last years winner, Bubba, won again, successfully defending his title. We thought Mini might take it, but Bubba edged her out by about one body length.

By the way, next week, Friday September 14 is my first major book signing in Salt Lake City. It’s at the Sugarhouse branch from 6-9 PM. I’m speaking from 6:30-7:00 and I’d love to see any locals who can be there.

Well, that’s my news. I hope you are all well.

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