Monday, April 21, 2008

Ghosts, Ninjas, and Books! Oh, my!



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I was lucky enough to be the guest on a highly rated paranormal internet radio show on April 16, the night that my book, The Golden Cord, Book One of the Iron Dragon Series came out. It was so much fun. The blogtalkradio show is called Residual Hauntings, and it's run by Tom Carr and Russ Larsen. They're great guys and we had a fantastic conversation. They're into all the paranormal hot issues: ghosts, UFOs, and NINJAS!  Yes, they have a Ninja News segment on every show. It's pretty funny. I'm so glad they had me on the show an I look forward to going on a ghost investigation with them.

They had me on because I'm totally into ghosts and my novel prominently features ghosts. The main character is literally haunted by someone from his past. I love putting ghosts into my fiction and I've always been fascinated by movies, books, and shows about ghosts. I've also gathered a ton of ghost stories from the hospital where I used to work. The hospital is 100 years old and I've heard so many ghost stories and had a few personal experiences during the 10 years I worked there. That place is so haunted and I'm glad I don't work there anymore. If you want to hear some of the stories I had heard over the years check out the show, and also I tell a recent story, told to me by the security guard whose job it was to check the hospital after it was practically abandoned.

The show is live on Wednesday nights and please check it out. If you want to listen to the broadcast I was on follow the link to  Residual Hauntings and download the show from April 16, or stream it to your computer. I come on at around the five minute mark and my opening bit is funny, because I enjoy talking shit. I am a nurse after all . . .

Paul Genesse

Author of The Golden Cord

Book One of the Iron Dragon Series

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