Saturday, September 13, 2008

Local Author Night

Local Author Night

I had a great time at Local Author Night at the Sugarhouse Barnes and Noble on Friday. It was supposed to be from 7-9 PM, but I didn’t leave until 10PM because so many people kept coming by. Yep, it was a good problem to have. The whole night was extremely fun. I met lots of new people and some old friends came by, which is always very special. My buddy, Jode, a nurse I used to work with visited me. He actually read an old version of The Golden Cord many years ago and has been so supportive over the years. I’m excited for him to read the new version.

I’m going to be signing again at the same Barnes and Noble on Friday September 19 from 9 PM to midnight, at the new Eragon book release party. Brisingr is the name of the book. The Barnes and Noble people are going to exhibit some of my fantasy art collection at the event and it’s going to be huge, 200-300 people. The party is quite extravagant and there will be lots of activities for the Eragon fans (a quest in the store, a quiz to see what Eragon group you belong to, a talk about dragons—given by me, magicians wandering around the store, a fencing exhibition, and so much more.

The book two update is this: my editor has the first half of the book. My two writer friends have given me their critiques of 80% of the book, which I’ve implemented. I’m just waiting for them to give me their critiques of the last 20%, so I can fix the issues and get the second half of the book to my editor. It’s all going well.

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