Friday, December 11, 2009

December 11 Book Signings


The kids at Bella Vista Elementary School rocking out! They are so cool.
(The links to all the pics are below)

Today was a good day. I visited Bella Vista Elementary and delivered some books to a few kids who ordered them after my last visit there. They asked me to come back and sign books, and since I love that school, I said "yes."

Then I did a book signing at the Sugarhouse Barnes and Noble. We sold out of The Golden Cord, and sold all but two of The Dragon Hunters, plus about 16 copies of Terribly Twisted Tales. I'm tripling and donating all the royalties earned today to Dyslexia Tutoring of Utah, a non-profit group that helps kid learn to read. They are doing important work and it's my honor to help support them.

After the signing at B&N, I had dinner with some friends and my wife, Tam at Noodles and Co. It was great to have dinner with Greg Michels, a former patient I took care of for about four months when he had a total artificial heart. He had it for 111 days and we become close friends. Now he has a heart transplant and is doing great. Richard and Sharon Dorrans were there as well. I work with Rich, he's in clinical engineering at the hospital, and his wife is one crazy redhead who is a huge reader of fantasy and sci-fi. She's a hoot to hang out with.

It was a fun day and here's a few pics.

Follow this link to the photos. You can download high quality images here.

Here's a link to the Facebook gallery with captions.

Happy holidays,

Paul Genesse
Author of The Dragon Hunters

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