Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CONduit Convention Recap

The CONduit 2012 sci-fi/fantasy convention was lots of fun. I wanted to mention the highlights. The best thing about it was seeing all my friends and fans, and many thanks to the organizers and volunteers for putting it on.

1:00 PM Writing Point of View
Virginia Smith, Dan Wells, and Mette Ivie Harrison and I had lots of fun with this panel. It was truly a great one and we discussed the various ways of writing point of view. A small war was started as we disagreed on which POV is the most engaging. I say first person, but Ginny says 3rd person limited can be just as effective. I think first person is the hardest to get right, so I choose to write in 3rd person limited. I love that point of view, and it's my favorite to write in. Third person omniscient with lots of "head-hopping" is the KISS OF DEATH for new writers. Don't do it.


3:00 PM Reading. I read with Dan Wells and it was a great crowd. About 16 people were present to hear me read part of No Tusks, and two scenes from The Secret Empire. It was lots of fun, and Dan Wells is such a great writer and reader. Look for his books. You won't be disappointed.

10:00 Top Contemporary YA Books: The Authors' Perspective
I was able to be on this panel with Guest of Honor, Tamora Pierce. YA Librarian Julie Bartel was the moderator, and Mette Ivie Harrison rounded us out. It was such an honor to be on this panel. I'm a big fan of Tamora Pierce. She is the most well read person I know, and reads so many books all the time. Her Goodreads reviews are vast and so extensive. Friend her there and you'll see.

12:00 What is Steampunk?


Great panel, and there will be a Steampunk convention July 27 and 28 here in Salt Lake. I'll be there. Find out more here:

1:30 Book signing with Tamora Pierce.


Such an honor, and "Tammy" is such a kind, and wonderful person. Her books are great, and I've been a fan for a long time. She writes strong female characters and her readers are so devoted to her.

4:00 The Lord of the Rings Movies +10 years and The Hobbit movie (a discussion)
I was the moderator for this one. All of us are very excited for The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey, coming out December 14, 2012.


6-8 PM Launch Party for The Secret Empire. This was so much fun. It was a celebration for the release of my new book. For entertainment, No Tusks and Mungo the Giant fought to the death. My short story, No Tusks is coming later this year.


To see the pics from the party, check to this link:

Lost my voice from all the shouting at the launch party as I MC'd the fight, and also from all the talking I was doing. I just hung out and watched some great panels, hung out with the awesome author Jane Lindskold and her husband Jim, an archaeologist, and then saw Avengers. Life is good.


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