Sunday, June 17, 2012

Prometheus Movie Further Discussion and Sequel Info

(Shot cut from the theatrical release of Prometheus)

I posted a review about the movie Prometheus last week (, and wanted to post about some further discussions of what was actually going on in the film, which I still like, despite the negative reactions. I think there is much more going on than most of us realized, which led to confusion.

The main one is a post from Cavalorn, which I found fascinating. The writer of the movie linked to his analysis, so I believe Cavalorn is correct. Interviews with Ridley Scott and the writers have already confirmed much of this analysis.

I'm still a fan of the movie, despite some of the dumb things that a few of the characters did, and certain plot points that seemed tough to understand. If you want to know more about what was going on, read onward . . .

Read this:

*****(Must read) Blog post about the hidden meaning in the movie Prometheus:

Link to the Behind the Scenes article:

Link to the information on the possible Prometheus sequel:

Prometheus promo video clip featuring Peter Weyland:

Prometheus promo clip about David the android:

Prometheus promo clip with Dr. Elizabeth Shaw:

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