Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kathy Griffin Live in Salt Lake City


Got funny?

I just returned from seeing my favorite comedienne, Kathy Griffin, after her first stand-up gig ever in Salt Lake City. My wife, Tam also says Kathy is her favorite and we really enjoy her show, My Life on the D-List on the Bravo channel. Kathy killed the huge crowd at Abravanel Hall, keeping us laughing the whole night. She received a huge welcome and had us from the very moment she took to the stage. I’m so glad she didn’t hold back and belted out her particular brand of humor, colorful language and all, with lots of energy and panache. She deserves everything that she’s accomplished and she’s one of my heroes.

Her newest comedy CD, Suckin It For the Holidays has some of the same material on it that she used during the show, but there was a lot of new stuff. Kathy is so much fun to see live and her CD is so hilarious. I wish I could get a live CD from tonight’s show. She performed for an hour and a half and we loved every minute of it.

Check out this link to see a video of her live:

Happy holidays,

Paul Genesse
Author of The Dragon Hunters

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