Friday, November 13, 2009

Three Elementary Schools in Utah


Pictured above are some kids from Bella Vista Elementary School, in Cottonwood Heights. They were so awesome and this was my last school visit on the Dragon Hunters Book Tour. I'm so thrilled that my last visit went so well. The kids and I had a wonderful time, and they created a fabulous story about a little girl named Annabelle. I had 4th, 5th, and some 6th graders in the workshop, sixty total. Before that I spoke to about 180 kids and the speech went really well. Mary Lou Damjanovich set it all up, and the school is blessed to have her.

The day before I visited two schools in Sandy, Utah: Edgemont Elementary and Bell View Elementary. Both visits went great and I am so happy to have met so many cool kids. We created some amazing stories together and I'm always astounded by what the kids think of when we're creating the stories.

Paul Genesse
Author of The Dragon Hunters

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